WordPress Theme & Plugin Exercise

Set Up A New Site

Install a new MAMP-based WordPress site, in a folder called jazz-icons. Give the site a title of Jazz Icons and a tagline of The Giants of Jazz.

Install the ZeeBizzCard theme.

Import Some Content

Download the sample content.

In the zip file you download will find a WordPress export file.

Import that content into the new site. When you import that content, do NOT select IMPORT ATTACHMENTS.

Do, however, import the two original authors.

Assign half the stories to one of these new authors (kevinmc) and the other half to the other author (kevinmcmillan).

A menu called TOP MENU will be imported. Set it to display in the theme’s default location.

Consult the Index-top.png screenshot. Add an image to the left hand side, as in the screenshot.


Feature Images

You will also find a number of images in the downloaded sample content.

Use any of these images (with the exception of bassist.jpg) to give feature images to all the posts except for those for Anita O’Day and Earle Hines. For those two musicians, do not use a feature image.

Install the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

Configure it so that at the end of every post, after the text You might also like:  there is a selection of thumbnails of related content. Limit the thumbnails to no more than three. Set the Plugin to consider Categories extra heavily.

There is a screenshot below if this isn’t quite clear.

Two Possible Bonus Points

Not all of our posts have feature images or inline images. This is where bassist.jpg comes in. When we upload an image, themes will automatically resize it in a number of ways, so that we don’t waste bandwidth, allowing us to choose which file dimensions will be appropriate for each context.

For one bonus point, figure out how to make the SECOND SMALLEST version of bassist.jpg work as the DEFAULT IMAGE for YARPP.

For a second bonus point, figure out out to put a link in the top menu that when clicked takes the user to a listing of all posts by the user kevinmc.