WordPress Theme and Plugin Configuration Exercise #8324

In this exercise, you will download and configure a free WordPress theme, and some plugins. You are welcome to use the Internet or your notes.


First, please download this sample duplicator package and install it in your MAMP testing environment. Make sure to add yourself as a new ADMIN user in this process.

The content is approximately 12 posts, with feature images and summaries. Each post has a youtube video right at the beginning.

Then, download and install the following.

  • the Ryan theme
  • the Ninja Forms plugin
  • the Yet Another Related Posts plugin (YARPP)

If you are at Langara College, don’t forget that we have to install themes and plugins manually, owing to network restrictions.

You may not install any other plugins.

You job is to make the site look like the one at this url.

A lot, but not all, of what you will do will take place in the theme customizer.

Front Page

The front page is NOT a static page.

Use the theme customizer to enable the slider. The images are included in the Duplicator package you have already installed: reuse feature images from three articles. For the text that appears on those images, use the names and the quotes that are on the live site.

Because the images are black and white, make the changes (visible in the live site or in the image below) to make the text in the slider more legible.

Billie Holiday Text Design

Use the theme customizer to set up the three featured content areas that are underneath the slider. Use the same icons and text as in the live site (or the screenshot below). Do not link the featured content to anything (we don’t have any pages to link them to at this point).

Featured Content Design

If the front page is not showing article summaries instead of the long articles, make sure that it does.


Make the menus in the header area like they are on the live site.


Change the publication date of all posts to be within the last year. Remove any tags that are not explicitly music-related.

Another User

Make another user with Editor access level. Give that author the name Walter White and the email walterwhite@kevinmc.ca.

Assign all posts to this user.

At the end of every post (in single view), make sure that the author bio and gravatar is displayed: “Walter White is a very enthusiastic jazz fan and chemist.”  It will look similar to the one below:

The Favicon

Included with the files you downloaded to start this exercise is a PNG file. Upload it and make it work as the favicon on the site (visible in in the browser tab in Chrome, for example).

Working Favicon

Related Posts

Using YARPP, make the site display up to three related posts at the end of each article when it is viewed in single mode (ie when we’re on a post page, not an index or archive). The title of that section, set via the plugin, will be You might also like…

Related Posts

Set YARPP to say “So sorry: no related articles” if no related posts are returned.

Body Text

Change all paragraph type to the typical georgia font stack.

The Sidebar in Posts Full Views

When we see a post in full view, make sure there is a sidebar with only Search, Recent Posts, Categories, and Archives, in that order. 

Single View

Contact Form

Using the Ninja Forms plugin, make a Contact page. Make sure you that the CONTACT link in the header goes to that page.



For a 25% bonus mark, figure out how to get that contact form to show up at the bottom of every page in the site.

For another 25% bonus mark, figure out how to make the videos not show related posts when they finish playing.

Remember that you may NOT install any other plugins than the two used in the exercise.


Hand It In

When you are done, make a Duplicator package of your site. Put the installer and the zip archive in a folder with your name + midterm in the name, then hand it into studentshare (PUBL 1232, if you are a PUBLISHING student).

Make sure that you are in CHROME when you are making the DUPLICATOR package: Safari will automatically unpack a ZIP when you download it, thereby making it unusable.