WordPress Lab Exercise 4: Free WebHost Install & Automated Backup

For this exercise, I want you to get WordPress running on a free web hosting service: 000webhost.com and use their automated WordPress installation.

First, sign up with the service. Then figure out how to install WordPress on the site.

When you sign up for the service, you will need to use a more secure username and password than the ones we’ve used in class, so please use your real email address so you can get the password reset if needed. Similarly, make sure that you use a secure username and password for the WordPress installation you do.

Once you’ve done this, download this xml file of a sample wp site backup then go Tools > Import in the Dashboard. When prompted to install the plugin, do it.

In the installation, make sure that you:

  • assign all posts to the user you created when you set up the site
  • import the any attachments (media): this will work because the content you’re importing is a backup of a site that’s still live.

As noted, 000webhost is a free service, so it’s not perfect. But the price is right.

Automated BackUp Setup

Once you’ve done the site setup and importation of content, set up an automated backup scheme, using:

  • a new gmail account
  • a new dropbox account
  • an automated backup plugin such as Updraft Plus.

If you’re at Langara,you can install plugins directly from the Plugins area of the Dashboard because your WP site isn’t being blocked by the Langara network, as it’s not in our testing environment.

Once you’ve got all this working, show me.