WordPress Homework Exercise: AMP Installation

On your home computer (Mac or Windows), download and install MAMP, then set up a new WordPress installation in a folder called firsthomesite. 

In that installation, redo (or do, if you haven’t done it yet) WordPress Basics Lab Review exercise.

When you’ve finished, take a screen shot of the exercise site’s home page in the full browser window and bring it to the next class.

On the Mac, take a screenshot by pressing Command-Shift-4.  Then press the space bar. The window you next click on will be captured as a screenshot on your desktop.

In Windows 8 or Windows 10, press the Windows and Print Screen keys at the same time. This will capture the whole screen to a Screenshot folder inside the Pictures library.


If you are running Linux, MAMP is not available for you. For that reason, you will need to investigate other solutions. These could include XAMPP, AAMPS, or (presumably) other solutions I’m not aware of.