WordPress Basics Lab Review

Some of these “review” tasks we might not have done in class yet. If that’s the case, think of those parts of the task as “review while figuring out” exercises.

First, we need to download some images. If I ask you to download the big images,  download these ones.

If I ask you to download the small images, download these ones.

You will use these in task 4.


1) Make a new WordPress test environment whose URL is localhost:8888/canada

2) Make five posts. Titles: british columbia, alberta, ontario, quebec, nova scotia

3) Into each of those posts, copy at least five paragraphs of related content from wikipedia articles on each province. Do the copy in such a way that none of the wikipedia formatting or links carry into your blog.

4) Make three categories: Western Canada, Central Canada, Atlantic Canada. Place the posts into the appropriate categories. Tag each post with two cities from that province.

5) Make a PAGE (not a post) with an HTML table that in separate cells in each row lists the province, the capital city, and the approximate population (feel free to guess).

6) In another page, make a gallery. Use the Canada images. If you were asked to download the big images, resize them all to a maximum of 800px high, save them out at a reasonably high quality, and rename them Canada-Unsplash-800h-001.jpg.  We will go over in class efficient ways to do this.

7) See if you can figure out how to put links to the three categories & the two pages in the menu.

When you are done, please show me or our class Instructional Assistant (Mona).