Web Design Tutorial Videos

Here are a bunch of video training series. Most are free, with the exception of the stuff.

I’ve watched a lot of them, but not all. So if any suck, be sure to contact me and tell me why.

Web Design

  • Icon Fonts: senior author James Williamson has two video series on icon fonts. Start here, then go here if you want to dig deeper.

Sublime Text

 Web Graphics




  • favorite author of mine: any of the WordPress videos by Vancouverite Morten Rand-Hendricksen are superb.He appears to be quite a busy guy: there are, at last count, 27 separate series by him. You won’t go wrong watching any of them. Start with his WordPress Essential Training, then move on to whatever you’re interested in. He has series on e-commerce, contact forms, portfolio sites, food blogs, database machinations, template building, SEO, magazine themes, etc.Another selling point of his videos: he updates them regularly.
  • Level Up Tuts: WordPress Basics
  • Level Up Tuts: Customizing WordPress. A good series. Uses the _s (underscores) WordPress starter theme.

Web Development