Sublime or ATOM Formating Exercise

This exercise is meant for you to examine ways to use Sublime Text or ATOM as efficiently as possible.

Download this file. If the zip archive doesn’t unpack automatically, double click it to get it do so.

The result will be a single HTML file. Open that in ATOM or Sublime Text.

In the file, you will find an HTML skeleton and a long block of text.

Turn that block of text into a single unordered list of 140 links.

Each link will be inside its own LI. Each LI will be on its own line. Make sure that the LIs are indented in from the parent LIST tag.

Each anchor tag will have an HREF attribute of “#”.

Make sure that there is a space between the word “LINK” and the number that comes after it.

Whatever you do, don’t do it repetitively.

Some hints:

  • Multiple Cursors
  • Split into Lines
  • Wrap With Tag
  • Block Indent
  • Group Selection

For more help, consult these posts:
For Sublime: Sublime Text Shortcuts
For ATOM: this page (a nice cheatsheet) or  this page (some guy on github) or this one (SitePoint).