Langara Outlines

PUBL Department Policies

The Publishing Department’s Policies For Students document is available on STUDENTSHARE in COLLABORATIVE / PUBL / Student Access Files.

A few sections of that document are excerpted here:


  • Having to do a work shift for an outside job will not under any circumstances be accepted as an excuse to miss a class, an assignment deadline or an exam.
  • Consideration may be given for job interviews late in the program year, but please check with your instructor first before you plan to miss a class to attend an interview.
  • Program policy does not allow students to advance from one semester to the next after having received a C–, D, F, N, U or W in any Publishing course.

Of particular importance to PUBL 1235, Web Production 1, is the following passage from the section on End of Semester Attendance:

  • The term ends the final day of exams.
  • Important dates are posted at:
  • The end of the semester is not the last day of lectures/classes.
  • You may be required to write an exam or complete work on Pacific Rim Magazine or other projects during that time.
  • Do not plan to leave town until the semester is over.
  • You must contact your instructors and the Publishing Program Coordinator in advance if you are not available during the exam period.


Late assignments will have marks deducted each day, for the first three late days, to this schedule:

  • 1st day: 10% deducted
  • 2nd day: 20% deducted (total 30% deducted)
  • 3rd day: 20% deducted (total 50% deducted)
  • On the fourth day an assignment is late, the mark will become zero.
  • Weekends count as 1 day.
  • One day = 24 hours, i.e. a 2pm Wednesday deadline is 1 day late on or before 2pm Thursday. After 2pm, it is 2 days late.

Digital Files

  • You are required to keep a copy of all files that are submitted as assignments or parts of assignments in all courses until you receive your final mark, and afterward for consideration for the summer Self-Promotion in the Publishing Industry course, as well as for your own self-promotional use.
  • Do not rely on your instructor to retain copies of your files.

Letter Grade Equivalents

Grade Percentage Explanation
A+ 95-100 Distinguished Achievement: For consistently distinguished accomplishment in examinations, reports and class participation. This definition applies to A+, A and A–.
A 90-94
A- 85-89
B+ 80-84 Above Average Achievement: For consistent mastery of the subject matter of this course. This definition applies to B+, B and B–.
B 75-79
B- 70-74
C+ 65-69 Satisfactory Achievement: For sufficient comprehension of the subject. This definition applies to C+, C and C–.A final grade of C or better is needed to continue in Publishing.
C 60-64
C- 55-59
D 50-54 Marginal Performance: For completion of a course but with below average achievement.College credit will be granted, but students will not normally be permitted to proceed to the next course.
F 49 or less Unsatisfactory Achievement: For completion of a course without demonstrating sufficient knowledge of the content to receive credit.