Langara Outlines

PUBL 1232 Assignments 2017

One: Install WordPress at Your Own Domain

For this exercise, I want you to use your Host Company Control Panel to install WordPress at your own domain at the following location:

If you already have a WordPress installation at your current domain, ask your host company asap if your hosting package allows you to have additional installations on the same domain. If it doesn’t, get in touch.

In the installation process, use your real email address for the admin user. That way, if you forget the password, you can get it mailed to you.

In that installation, make five posts. Each one will be the text of one of this year’s PRM articles. Each post must have at least one image, from this year’s magazine.

However, each post must be assigned to the author who wrote it. This means that in addition to posts, you have to make additional users for your site.

Each user is supposed to have a different email address, so just use fake ones for the additional authors. However, make the password of each user the same, so that it’s easy to remember. If you forget that password, you will have to login as the admin user to change it.

Feel free to customize the installation any way you want.

For two bonus marks, use your host company’s control panel and FAQ pages to figure out how to password-protect the demowp folder. Note: Do not use the WordPress protected-post feature to do this. This is outside of WordPress.

This is something you commonly will do in order to put work online for client approval without sharing it with the entire world.

If you do this, however, make sure that one of the IDs that can access that directory is kevinmcmillan with a password of ihatenickelback — make sure that that name and password are exact, or else I won’t be able to mark your site (other than by giving you a zero). As well, make sure that you password-protect the correct directory.

This is due Tuesday, June 27th.


Two: Themed Portfolio (or Otherwise) Site

For the second major assignment, set up a new WordPress site at the root level of  your own domain. This can be a portfolio site, or if you have other ideas about it, get in touch.

You have two options for this assignment. In order of challenge level and mark potential, they are the following. Option A will not get first-class marks.

Option A: Use A Theme from the WP Theme Repository

Option B: Make Your Own Theme

If you choose option B, you should use a “starter” theme like Underscores.

Regardless of the option chosen, you should obviously make a site that’s responsive.You should have a contact form. You should have a search field. You should have content attractively displayed. You should make decisions about file sizes and other design considerations in such a way as to maximize the impact of the site, on a range of devices and connection speeds.

You will hand in the following items:

  • A webloc file pointing to your site on the web. Definitely test that it actually works.
  • A Duplicator archive and installer file. Make the duplicator file from your local install, not from your live site. That way, you’re not copying your live site’s database name, user, and password.

This is due Thursday, August 03. If you have a lot of LangaraPRM duties at this time, small extensions are possible.