PUBL 1220 Responsive Web Design Task Day

Task 1

Guitarmania RWD Pt 2

When done task 1, show it to me. You can do this task in your original groups.

Task 2

Download Gibson vs Fender Exercise 2, consult the screenshots, and build the page. The index page is more or less already marked up for you.

Do this task on your own.

Task 3

Make a copy of your fontypython exercise. Now figure out how to make it responsive.

When done, publish it at http://mylinux.langara.bc.ca/~YOUR-ID/fontyrwd

An important tip: HTML is naturally responsive, so design your new stylesheet so that most of the bigger sizes and spacings  are put in via media queries for larger sizes.

In other words, set anything that is common to all sizes in your main styles, then add additional styles to make the elements grow, the spacing to change, etc, on the way up, not the way down.

This is also a solo task.