SFTP & URLs Lab Exercise

SFTP & URLs Review


Task No 1: Using the basic HTML5 skeleton, please make a page with a single picture of something in it. (Delete all the tags between the opening and closing <body> tags first).

Make sure that your page is accessible at

Task No 2: Make another file, with a single sentence in it. Make sure that it is accessible at

Task No 3: Download this zip file. Open it up. It contains a folder called pleasefixme. Inside it is a single file called index.html.

Test that file locally. It should work fine.

FTP the pleasefixme folder into the root level of your webspace (ie the top level of public_html).  Now look at the uploaded site in a web browser. You will notice that the image is not showing up.

Please figure out why. And fix the problem.

Task No 4: Download this zip archive. Using the html validator, find the errors in the code. Fix them and publish the site at

Task No 5: Finally, download this image and FTP it to the following URL:

Mullard EL34


When you are finished all five tasks, please open each up in a separate browser tab and show me them.

Once I’ve seen these pages, delete them from your server space.