For the first JavaScript / jQuery test, here is what you need to know.

JavaScript: Variables
Javascript: alert(), document.write(), console.log()
Javascript: Operations
JavaScript: Conditions
JavaScript: Loops (“for” only)
JavaScript: Functions

jQuery: adding jQuery to the page
jQuery: $(document).ready
jQuery: Selectors
jQuery: Advanced Selectors
jQuery events: click(), hover()
jQuery methods: addClass, toggleClass

Missing Manual Readings

Chapter 2: The Grammar of JS
For now, ignore the sections on adding to, or deleting from, Arrays

Tutorial: Writing to a Page Using Arrays p 66

Chapter 3: Adding Logic and Control to your Programs
For now, ignore Do/While loops

Tutorial: A Simple Quiz p 108

Chapter 4: Introducing jQuery

Advanced Selectors
this and $(this)

Don’t worry about Object Literals at this point.

Chapter 6: Animations and Effects

In a nutshell, for jQuery, you need to be able to make a webpage with elements that you can click or hover over and which change themselves, or something else, in response to these events.

Remember, jQuery involves selecting things and doing things to them.

An additional resource: the first seven videos in the Themeforest series:

Another great resource for additional practice:
download the files for the Missing Manual. Then go inside the testbed folder.

Open up the selectors.html file in a web browser.

Then try the events.html file.

And, of course, the effects.html file.