Image Sources

Here is a list of potential sources for Creative Commons, Public Domain, etc licenses.

Remember to read each site’s (and sometimes each image’s) licensing terms in order to determine whether you are legally allowed to use such images in your work.

Don’t get sued.

  • Unsplash: very high quality images. Copyright free: No restrictions on usage. Searchable.
  • Splitshire: totally free. Some good stuff. No restrictions on usage, other than “you can’t sell the images.”
  • Pixabay: Copyright Free, Attribution not required. Searchable. Photos, Vectors, Videos, Illustrations. Backgrounds. Textures. Lots to find here.
  • MorgueFile: Some good stuff, but a lot of the images can look a bit cliché stock photo.
  • Excellent curated Flickr selection. Some of the images have CC (Creative Commons) licensing terms (typically requiring attribution and an acknowledgement if you altered the image)—so if you use images from here, read the license details. Special Sets: groups of photos joined by theme.
  • Flickr: one of the photo sharing sites on the web. Not all images are free to use, however. To understand the various  licensing terms, read this article and this one, too. Each image will have licensing information listed. To get a better understanding of whether the license allows your usage, click on the license term link.
  • Licenses either Creative Commons, or Attribution Required. Useful search features.
  • NewOldStock: Vintage photos from public archives. No known copyright.
  • GratisPhotography: free of copyright. High resolution. Some high quality.
  • Jay Mantri: totally free license. Like UnSplash. Tumblr blog.
  • PickUp Image: free, no attribution required.
  • Picography: totally free.
  • LifeOfPix: Totally Public Domain. Any usage allowed.
  • Creative Commons Image Search
  • SkitterPhoto: Totally Public Domain. Any usage allowed.
  • Lots of good stuff. Any usage allowed.
  • Even more: SitePoint—25 Sublime Sites to Download Free Stock Images