HTML Basics Quiz & Practice 1

List 10 HTML tags

List four HTML attributes

In HTML, why must we go through heading levels in order?

Make a site that has the following files and folders. You can download the required image from the bottom of this page:

  • an index.html page on the top level
  • a folder named guitars on the top level
  • a folder called professional inside the guitars folder
  • a file called jazz.html inside the professional folder
  • a folder called images on the top level
  • a file called hello-guitar-kitty.png inside the images folder

Write the HTML code to produce the following

  1. in the index.html page, a link to the jazz.html page with the name Hello Guitar Kitty as the clickable text
  2. in the jazz.html page, a link back to the index.html page, with the word Home as the clickable text
  3. in the index.html page, the hello-guitar-kitty image
  4.  in the jazz.html page, the hello-guitar-kitty image
Hello Guitar Kitty

Hello Guitar Kitty