Guardian Layout Exercise


Guardian Exercise

Consult the GuardianLayout.pdf file.  I would like you to, as much as possible, duplicate the layout of this site.

Start with the banner ad at the top of the page (i.e. ignore the top menu).

In this exercise, you can skip pages three, four, and the top 2/3 of page five. So all you need from page five is the News Direct to You section and the Footer.

This layout isn’t absolutely perfectly 960, but it’s close. Assume that it conforms perfectly to the 960 model.

Look at the screenshot without gridlines file. Then look at the one with gridlines.

You can use “greek” text, or repeated text chunks. You can use repeated graphics too. So if there’s five stories in the same column you can just copy and paste. But if a story has a list or anything different from what precedes it, you must use that feature.

Add the banner section (with logo and horizontal menu) last, only if you have time to do it.