Accessibility Checklist

From the Mozilla Developer Network, a checklist for the accessibility of your designs:

  1. Make sure your HTML is as semantically correct as possible. Validating it is a good start, as is using an Auditing tool.
  2. Check that your content makes sense when the CSS is turned off.
  3. Make sure your functionality is keyboard accessible. Test using Tab, Return/Enter, etc.
  4. Make sure your non-text content has text alternatives. anĀ Auditing tool is good for catching such problems.
  5. Make sure your site’s color contrast is acceptable, using a suitable checking tool. [ Here’s a good one. ]
  6. Make sure hidden content is visible by screenreaders.
  7. Make sure that functionality is usable without JavaScript wherever possible.
  8. Use ARIA to improve accessibility where appropriate.
  9. Run your site through an Auditing tool.
  10. Test it with a screenreader.
  11. Include an accessibility policy/statement somewhere findable on your site to say what you did.

The WebAim WAVE (web accessibility evaluation) tool is an eye-opening experience. At the WAVE web page, you enter a URL, and the tool generates a visual report on the accessibility barriers in your site.